BRRR! Gold Coasters wake to early taste of Winter

Gold Coasters may have found themselves reaching for an extra blanket this morning, with a cold snap hitting the state.

It got down to 7 degrees in Coolangatta around 5.20am and just 5 degrees in Canungra.

Rosa Hoff from the Bureau of Meteorology says the colder temperatures are mainly due to cloudy skies and a fresh southerly breeze.


“Not only do we have really cloudy conditions over us at the moment keeping the sun from being able to warm us up, but we also have some cold air which moved over from the southern states which is sneaking in from behind to help keep it cold at night as well,” she said.

“It has been quite cool around the place.. it’s felt coldest for people in inland areas, they’re the ones who are really noticing it at the moment.”

Forecasters are predicting it to get even colder tomorrow, with an icy low of just 3 degrees in Nerang.

“That is pretty cold for May but for areas slightly further south, we are use to seeing some cold snaps around this time… Just thanks to the fact that we can get those sneaky southern systems that extend a little bit further north than they normally would and just capture us in their coldness,” Ms Hoff told myGC.

“It’s a bit unusual for this time of year for us just because it’s combining with weather moving over from the north of Australia as well, so we’re getting a bit of a double whammy at the moment.”

The good news is, the Sun is expected to return from tomorrow, although we will have to keep the ugg boots at the ready tonight.

“We will see our daytime temps pick up from Monday back to usual, but that sneaky cold air is still going to haunt us overnight,” BOM’s Rosa Hoff says.

“We’re going to have a cold night tonight and it will continue to feel chilly all the way through to midweek before we get back to what we’re used to.

“Tonight on the Gold Coast we’re expecting a minimum temperature of 6 which will be pretty chilly, but daytime temperatures will be picking up to 22C tomorrow, in comparison to today’s temperature of 18C.

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