Bruce Bishop Car Park sale court hearing delayed

A court hearing attempting to stop the controversial sale of the Bruce Bishop car park has been adjourned.

The case was listed for a two-hour hearing in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday, however lawyers for Council requested an adjournment stating a full day would be needed.

The move has angered business and residential community representative group Save Surfers Paradise, who have today accused City of Gold Coast of wasting ratepayer money.


“It seems that they are unconcerned about running up unnecessary costs, seeing they have unlimited recourse to ratepayers’ money,” Save Surfers Paradise Secretary, Deborah Kelly said.

“It was a monumental waste of time and money that could easily have been avoided.”

Ms Kelly said “adjournments by agreement that are arranged over the phone is common practice, courteous between legal practitioners and litigants and respectful of the courts, not to mention the pockets of the taxpayers who fund them.”