Brush your teeth jingle catchier than ‘baby shark’?

There’s a new song on the internet, that’s being touted as the next ‘Baby Shark’.

It’s a fun little jingle about brushing your teeth, and trust us – it’ll stick in your head.

Queensland Health has released the song, in an attempt to get children more excited about brushing their teeth.


Because sadly, and kind of grossly, the latest data is not showing good things about tooth decay in children.

Chief Dental Officer Mark Brown said parents could use the easy-to-remember tune as a tool to make night-time and morning brushing routines a whole lot easier.

“Kids resisting toothbrushing is nothing new – parents everywhere have experienced the battle.

“But sadly, the latest data shows more than half of kids aged 5 to 14 attending Queensland Health oral health services have a history of tooth decay. Around 24 per cent experience decay in four or more teeth.

“We want to turn these stats around and promote good oral health right from the get-go – and to do that, we need to make toothbrushing fun and our messages easily understandable,” Dr Brown said.

Check out the video below, what do you reckon? Will it catch on?