Budds Beach begins flooding as king tide peaks on the Gold Coast

Budds beach has begun flooding as the king tide comes closer to peak, this morning.

The height of the tide is predicted to hit around 8.53am this morning, though flooding effects have already descended on low-lying parts of the Gold Coast.

Conditions across the coast are starting to worsen, as swells from the cyclone continue lashing the coast as well.


Narrowneck, the Seaway, Mainbeach and Sheraton are now closed this morning, with the tide simply too high for swimmers or even beach goers.

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Acting Chief Lifeguard Chris Maynard says the conditions will only worsen over the coming days.

“It’s the calm before the storm right now, it’s nice and clean, it won’t have too much effect today, though we are expecting it to build this afternoon.

“It’s looking like, from Thursday and Friday definitely, all beaches will be closed with the size of the swell for anyone swimming or getting close to the beach along the waters edge.

Distressing footage has already shown areas around Surfers Paradise flooding, and if conditions are only going to worsen… what are we in for?!

Budds Beach, Surfers Paradise | PHOTO: Matt McDonald / myGC.com.au