Buffets are back as more restrictions are eased in Qld

Today is a fabulous day, not only because it’s Friday, but because buffets are finally back on the menu in Queensland!

The return of the much-loved food buffet is just one of a number of COVID-19 restrictions that have been relaxed further in the sunshine state.

From today, more people are also allowed in indoor venues with pubs, clubs, restaurants, live music venues, hostels and B&Bs now allowed three people per four square metres.


That’s up from the one person per two square metre rule.

There’s also no longer a limit on household gatherings, but a list of attendees will be required for gatherings of more than 100 people.

For public outdoor gatherings, there’s now no limit at all.

While restrictions on aged care, disability services and hospitals have been lifted.

There’s also some good news for all the party animals planning on heading out tonight, with dancing officially back at nightclubs.

In return for restrictions easing, the use of the Queensland check-in app will be expanded to nearly all indoor venues.

From July 9, it will be mandatory to check-in using the app at shopping centres, food courts, supermarkets, open homes, hairdressers, casinos, theme parks and caravan parks.

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