Bumper whale season on GC – see them up close!

A Gold Coast whale watching crew have seen first-hand that humpback whale numbers are on the increase.

The crew on board Whales in Paradise have seen more Humpback whales this season than ever before, sometimes more pods than they can count on just one tour.

They say it’s all thanks to a whaling ban that was put in place in the 1960’s, when the humpback was on the brink of extinction.


October marks the end of the humpback whales’ migratory season which means there is only a few weeks left to spot these magnificent creatures off the Gold Coast.

With the long weekend upon us, why not head to any of the vantage points along the coast, like Burleigh Headland or Point Danger with a pair of binoculars and no doubt you will see some whales frolicking off the shore.

Or, if you fancy seeing the humpbacks up close, check out Whales in Paradise!