Bumpy ride for drivers on Bermuda street

I get the joke.

In fact, I am starting to suspect the Council has left a certain stretch of road at Reedy Creek in its current state because of the laughs it provides local motorists.

Think of it as a community service.


Because the bottom end of Bermuda Street near the M1 is full of drivers laughing their arses off at the unfortunate souls pulled up on the side of the road.

The road in question is so funny because it is so bumpy.

Not in a bump —- bump kind of way.

But a bumpbumpbumpbump way that convinces novices they have a flat tyre.

Every time I travel that road, someone is parked on the side, slowly circling their vehicle as they check their perfectly pumped tyres.

Who needs to take their kids to expensive theme parks when you can just drive them up and down Bermuda Street a few times?

Ok, perhaps I am easily amused.

Admittedly, I do snigger like a 14-year-old boy every time I pass exit 69 on the highway.

But I also laugh because that was once me.

The first time I used that road I was sure I had a flat so took the opportunity of a red light to jump out of my car to do a hurried check of my wheels.

Then I looked up and saw a car full of guys in the next lane laughing at me.

They knew.

So could we just fix the bloody road now?

At least put a sign up saying ‘Bumpy ride ahead’ or ‘It’s not you, it’s the road’.

Seriously, it’s like driving along a giant corrugated roof and it has been like that for years.

I suspect the heavy trucks going to the nearby quarry might have something to do with the state of the road.

Yet nothing has ever been done about it.

Of course, some people may enjoy the bumpy ride for other reasons – and I am not going to judge them for that.

Are there other roads out there that are driving you crazy because they are designed poorly, are in a bad way or are just plain weird?


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