Bunnings issues nationwide recall of oil column heaters

Bunnings is issuing a recall of all Moretti and Click oil column heaters over fears hot oil may spray out, causing serious injury.

The hardware giant said the recall is a precautionary measure following the recall of the Moretti 5 Fin and Moretti 11 Fin Oil Column Heaters.

“The Moretti 5 Fin and 11 Fin Oil Column Heaters were recalled following reports from a number of customers of oil having leaked and in some instances sprayed,” Bunnings said in a recall notice posted on their website.


“We want to make sure customers are aware that there is a risk that these heaters could rupture when turned on and allow hot oil to spray out, with the potential to cause scalding and burns.”

Bunnings said that they have not had similar incidents reported with any other oil column heaters under the Moretti and Click brands, however “additional testing by suppliers suggests an incorrect specification of oil could have been used in some of the heaters.”

PHOTO: Supplied

Customers have been urged to stop using the heaters immediately and return them to the nearest Bunnings store for a full refund.

To see if your heater is affected, click here.