Bunnings Warehouse says YES to furry friends in store

Fancy taking your furry companion for a little shop? Well now you can, with hardware chain Bunnings Warehouse announcing that pets are now welcome in all stores.

Operations director Michael Schneider confirmed the move on Thursday, stating that customers can now bring their pets in store as long as the’re under appropriate control.

“As long as pets are under appropriate control, are not aggressive and do not compromise the safety of our team or customers they are welcome,’’ Mr Schneider said.


He also stated that staff have the right to refuse entry to an animal.

While the move appears popular with many on social media, some weren’t so pleased.

So now dogs can pinch your kids sausage right out of there hand/mouth. Why I ask do you need to take your dog to a hardware store.  What will they do next!!” One Facebook user wrote.

Others were happy that they can now take their pup for a cruise down the aisles.

“Great news! !Thanks for the option! Dogs are awesome”

“Better then leaving dogs in the car!! Great timing with being almost Summer!!”