Bunnings Warehouse says YES to furry friends in store

Fancy taking your furry companion for a little shop? Well now you can, with hardware chain Bunnings Warehouse announcing that pets are now welcome in all stores.

Operations director Michael Schneider confirmed the move on Thursday, stating that customers can now bring their pets in store as long as the’re under appropriate control.

“As long as pets are under appropriate control, are not aggressive and do not compromise the safety of our team or customers they are welcome,’’ Mr Schneider said.


He also stated that staff have the right to refuse entry to an animal.

While the move appears popular with many on social media, some weren’t so pleased.

So now dogs can pinch your kids sausage right out of there hand/mouth. Why I ask do you need to take your dog to a hardware store.  What will they do next!!” One Facebook user wrote.

Others were happy that they can now take their pup for a cruise down the aisles.

“Great news! !Thanks for the option! Dogs are awesome”

“Better then leaving dogs in the car!! Great timing with being almost Summer!!”

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I love taking my pooch with me when I go somewhere if I can.
Bunnings do sell pet things too.
My pooch is very spoilt.

Awesome. My dogs are my fur babies and I am thrilled to be able to take them with me. Good one Bunnings.

Great! I often leave my dog in the car & with a summer around the corner this is not an option. Well done Bunnings! ☺

To the person who wrote “So now dogs can pinch your kids sausage right out of there hand/mouth. Why I ask do you need to take your dog to a hardware store. What will they do next!!”
1.. the sausages are sold OUTSIDE the store, where a dog was previously allowed, so no change.
2.. children are allowed in the store & I have seen many children that have not been under appropriate control, are aggressive and do compromise the safety of the team and customers.
I have seen children throwing items at other customers while the parents watched on and did nothing.
I have walked out after hearing a child screeching at the top of its voice for 20 minutes continuously while the parent ignored it.

If I enter the store & my dog plays up, I will leave out of respect for others.
Some parents lack this respect, yet they are allowed in the stores.

rant over.
thank you Bunnings for helping end people locking their dogs in cars this summer.

The retired farm dog has put in 19 yrs of service. He has spent all day wih me on quad bikes, rounding up ducks, chooks, geese and protecting them from predators. To leave him behind is cruel as he has poor eyesight and gets separation anxiety. He doesn’t take food from anyone as he was trained to only eat from his alpha. We carry poo bags and wipes and since he spent his first 5 yrs as a champion first class in his breed he walks well. If your child looses a sausage to a dog WELL WHAT POOR PARENTING SKILLS YOU HAVE. PS Get over your dog phobia. This is why your kids get sick because they don’t get to be kids. I have to put up with your badly behaved kids. You can put up with my well behaved dog.

I don’t see a problem there on a lead so why not people saying it’s not a good idea well I think stop been boring it’s a good idea it’s better than leaving the pet in a hot car and these days people are on holidays take there pet and if they need supplies than the whole family can go .

Now that’s progress!! Bunnings leading the way in catching Australia up to the rest of the world. Good on you Bunnings !!!

this is great, although I have 3 dogs and it would be a bit hard taking them all with me when I pop in for stuff, but if it means dogs are NOT left in cars in the summer heat while their humans shop then this is a great idea,