Burleigh Golf Club to vote on proposed development

Sparks are set to fly at Burleigh Golf Club tonight, when members are asked to vote on a planned 150-unit retirement village.

The proposal consists of three buildings of up to five storeys, as well as a wellness centre and cafe on land near the corner of Paradise Ave and Hillcrest Ave.

It’s believed the Club is looking at selling the land in a bid to restore the coffers.


But local residents are concerned over the impact it will have on ‘valuable green space’ and the increased traffic volume for Hillcrest Ave.

“People speed through here on their way home from work, it’s also a busy thoroughfare for school children and families,” a concerned neighbour (who wants to remain anonymous) told myGC.

“Add that to 200 or so extra traffic movements, from an entry point with a blind crest to the left and blind corner to the right, is just ridiculous,” she said.

The resident claims Retire Australia is offering $5.5 million in return for a 99 year lease on the land and that the Golf Club is telling members the money is needed to get cover debt.

“This isn’t true. They are set to make a profit this year, so the fear they are going broke is unfounded.”

“Members who support the development seem to be unaware of any actual details such as entry points, size and scale, or impact on the course, environmental impact and impact on neighbouring residents.”

Local Councillor Pauline Young confirmed Retire Australia attended a preliminary meeting at the Golf Club that involved members.

“It’s still very early days (in terms of the proposal),” Cr Young said.

“If all the club members decide it’s not something they want to go ahead, then it won’t go ahead,” she added.

The concerned resident is disputing claims that there is a need for a retirement village in the area, saying Census data shows Miami has the lowest population of people over the age of 65 on the Gold Coast.

But, Cr Young insists she knows the community better.

“During doorknocking in the lead up to the local election, retirement living was one of the main topics people spoke to me about.

“There’s nowhere within the Division 12 area for them. They don’t want to move to Ashmore, Labrador or Southport, so they are choosing to stay in their bigger homes.”

Burleigh Golf Club members will vote on the proposal tonight, with the plans to then go before the wider community.