Burleigh tram extension under a cloud as negotiations stall

The future of the light rail extension to Burleigh remains unclear this morning with the state government yet to reach a deal with the builders of the $700 million project.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey has admitted negotiations with the John Holland Group are still ongoing despite hopes heavy construction on the 6.7km line from Broadbeach to Burleigh would start early this year.

“The negotiations are normal after the contract is signed and they are ongoing and we’re trying to complete them as quickly as we can,” Minister Bailey told MyGC.com.au.


“Because of the impact of the COVID pandemic and the very tight market out there because of the infrastructure boom, there will be an adjustment to the timetable.

“But the good news is we’re committed, as committed as we’ve ever been, to making sure the light rial is extended on the Gold Coast.

“It is critical to dealing with population growth and it has been an incredible success story to date.”

There are concerns the delays will see the expected 2023 completion date thrown out the window given it’s expected to take three years to complete.

Burleigh MP Michael Hart has claimed the delay could see the project blow out by as much as $100 million.

Minister Bailey refused to confirm how close the negotiations were to being wrapped up, only revealing the Department was seeking a resolution “as quickly as possible”.

“I’m hoping we can complete the negotiations as soon as possible,” Minister Bailey.

“But we do need to achieve value for money for taxpayers, we want safety on the job, we went quality local jobs, we don’t want a race to the bottom.”

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If the light rail goes ahead, it goes against everything the GC is about. Heavy rail infrastructure is already there so why not use it. Leave the coastline alone.

Have you seen how popular, successful and useful the existing line has been? Look to the future not the past.

The gc is a tourist destination and we need to connect to the airport via Burleigh and Palm Beach asap, just get it done!

I caught the 777 bus from Broadbeach to the airport 10 times a year before covid. It’s a great service and it’s never been more than half full. I can’t see the point of the extension except causing mayhem

It is a shame our transport minister and yet again Michael Hart cannot be honest with us for the real reasons for the price blow outs on stage 3, the sharp rises in prices on 3 major compnents obviously is the real reason, not labour.. Steel and copper has nearly doubled in price since September last year and more importantly, a PVC resin factory in the US which supplies 33% of the worlds PVC resin was damaged by hurricanes and not expected to be up and running for around 12 months..