Bushfire warnings campaign to keep at risk properties safer

QUEENSLAND families most at risk of being impacted by bushfire will directly benefit from a new Queensland Government campaign that will keep them safer this bushfire season.

The campaign identifies 100,000 properties at very high or high risk of bushfire and provides them with targeted information about how to prepare for a bushfire and what they need to do if they receive a warning.

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Jack Dempsey said the Rural Fire Service Queensland had used sophisticated mapping technology to identify the properties.


“We want all Queensland families to remain safe this bushfire season and our mapping technology has allowed us to directly target properties at risk,” Minister Dempsey said.

“They will be provided with a flyer and fridge magnet with information on what different bushfire warnings mean and how they should prepare for a bushfire.

“If you receive this information in the mail you will know that the RFSQ has identified your property as being at risk of being impacted by bushfire.”

Member for Indooroopilly Scott Emerson said properties at risk, like those in his electorate, should start preparing now.

“Having a bushfire survival plan in place in such a dangerous scenario could be the difference between life and death,” Mr Emerson said.

“It’s very reassuring knowing the families most at risk in Indooroopilly and across the state are being kept up to date with this campaign.

“I would encourage everyone to sit down with your family to get familiar with your household’s bushfire plan and the warnings before the season begins.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Lee Johnson said the campaign would focus on the bushfire warnings and what they mean.

“There are three levels of bushfire warning; Advice; Watch and Act; and Emergency Warning,” Commissioner Johnson said.

“If you receive an Advice warning you should monitor conditions and review your bushfire survival plan.

“A Watch and Act message will alert you that conditions are changing and that you should start taking action and follow your bushfire survival plan.

“An Emergency Warning message will alert you that you are in danger and should immediately act on your bushfire survival plan.”

The campaign will also include radio, online and social media advertising, an infographic film which details what the warnings mean and a dedicated website.

Visit www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/bushfires for more information.