By-Election results puts Gold Coast pollies on notice

HIGH five Redcliffe! Way to go you legends.

Not only did they send a very clear message to the party that lumbered them with disgraced former MP Scott Driscoll, they also scored heaps of new stuff as well.

Premier Campbell Newman was out there pork barrelling his butt off, promising all sorts of good things if they’d give another LNP candidate a go at last Saturday’s by-election.


But, and here is the hook, he had to admit Redcliffe would still get the stuff even when the LNP lost the seat – because otherwise he would look like a real douche bag.

That’s the beauty of by-elections.

It was a massive 17.2 per cent swing against the LNP which was pretty surprising even given the reason for the by-election, the usual backlash against the government in by-elections, job cuts, possible asset sales and controversial bikie laws.

As a result of the result, the number of seats the LNP holds plunged to just 74 out of 89.

So, ok, they are unlikely to lose government at the election due next year – just a couple of dozen MPs.

Oh, and four Gold Coast seats: Burleigh, Broadwater, Albert and Southport – all new MPs voted in at the last election.

So folks, now is the time to get out there and start asking for stuff.

The Gold Coast could do with a bit of pork barrelling.

But even MPs in safe seats will be getting pretty nervous.

The polling for Mr Newman also looks disastrous in his own electorate so he may be looking around for somewhere else to plonk himself.

One of the safest seats in Queensland is Mermaid Beach.

Just putting it out there.

Or there could be a federal seat being prepared for him somewhere.

He does look rather excited every time he pops down to Canberra.

But Saturday’s result pretty much ruled out an early state election being called.

Mr Newman said he would take some of the responsibility for the loss but then went on to complain about the previous Labor Government, phantom fake firies, evil unionists and a bad sausage he had at a polling booth.

I made that last bit up.

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