Cairns emergency workers commended for handling horrific crime scene

THE acting Queensland Premier has commended the emergency services who have worked on the horrific crime scene in Cairns where eight children were found stabbed to death last week. 

Tim Nicholls said police, emergency service workers, SES volunteers and countless community groups had come to the aid of the Manoora community.

“We are deeply grateful for the work done by all these workers who have had to manage the most confronting of situations,” Mr Nicholls said.


“More than 220 police have been involved in the case, many of whom have left their families in other cities to go to Cairns to assist.

“Ambulance officers were among the first responders and we thank them for the caring way they have carried out their work.

“There are also numerous social service organisations at work in the community, from the Salvation Army keeping the barbecue going at the drop-in centre, to other church groups, Uniting Care Community and our own Department of Communities staff.

“They have all played a vital role and I want to offer them my heartfelt thanks.”

Acting Police Minister Andrew Powell paid tribute to the work of police liaison officers.

“These officers have been a constant presence in the Manoora community, assisting investigating officers to talk with the local community,” Mr Powell said.

“They’ve comforted locals while easing the way for police officers to carry out their vital work. They’ve done so in the most trying circumstances and I thank them for their work.”

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said all those working on the case were being supported by colleagues in the police service.

“Police and emergency service workers have faced trying circumstances, but we are ensuring that all the support services we have are available to them,” he said.

“Policing brings with it challenges – and officers from across Queensland have faced this tragedy with determination to seek justice for these victims and serve their community.

“The investigation still has a long way to go and I want to thank all those involved for their dedication and work to date.”

Mr Nicholls said the Queensland Government would continue to offer the Cairns community every support.

The Government is consulting with the extended family of the victims and the community on appropriate arrangements for the future of the site.