Calling Time Of Death on common sense

Is it time we called Time Of Death on common sense?

Honestly, I’m not sure what part of this story is more ridiculous.

The TL/DR version is this: a couple set up a self-timer to capture a man “catching” his female partner, who leapt into his arms.


At the same time, their toddler son decided it looked like a lot of fun and copied them – leaping from the top of a bed bunk, and landing on a mattress two metres below.

The parents were so busy giggling at their little activity, they failed to notice their little one had joined in on the fun.

Cue: internet outrage.

Admittedly, the child does look like his soft, flexible little neck takes a pounding when he lands awkwardly on the mattress.

But then he jumps to his feet almost immediately, exhilarated, a massive smile on his face.

A number of commenters have labelled the parents “disgusting”, “irresponsible”, and “so self-absorbed that they neglect their child”.

But let’s be real: there is a massive lack of common sense coming from all corners here.

Firstly, it’s nonsensical that a couple staged a stupid video stunt like this in the first place: how have we possibly created a world where we encourage mind numbing “content” like this? Do we really want or need to see this kind of mind candy?

Secondly, it’s senseless that the parents saw the footage with their child leaping two metres to the floor and thought it was appropriate to share publicly with the world. Oh, yes, wonderful, let’s upload this to the Internet and await the kind response. One can only imagine they shared it to ‘go viral’?

And lastly, it beggars belief that there are people so outraged about these “neglectful” parents, they’re whipping themselves into an outrage.

This kind of faux outrage is useless. It doesn’t spark intelligent conversations; it doesn’t create thoughtful dialogue. It just clutters the internet with negativity.

Worst of all, it doesn’t do anything to help children who are genuinely at risk of neglect or who actually need our support – and I think we can all agree that it makes more sense to focus on them.