Calls for British PM Boris Johnson to step aside after Supreme Court ruled he broke the law

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now facing calls to step aside, after the Supreme Court ruled he broke the law.

Brexit opponents accused Mr Johnson of lying to the Queen when he formally asked to suspend parliament last month, so that he could pass Brexit.

A panel of 11 judges were then asked to determine the legality of his advice to the Queen to prorogue parliament.


They unanimously found that his advice was unlawful, void and of no effect.

Various British MPs are now calling for him to step aside.

One such MP – opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn – wants Johnson gone, but says he won’t call for a general election until he is certain Britain won’t leave the European Union without a deal.

He says MPs will return to Westminster later today (AEST time) to try and force Johnson to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

“The government will be held to account for what it has done.

“Boris Johnson has been found to have misled the country, this un-elected Prime Minister should now resign.

“That would make him the shortest serving British Prime Minister in history and rightly so.

“His is a born-to-rule government of the entitled who believe that the rules they set for everyone else don’t apply to them,” Corbyn told his party’s annual conference.

Boris Johnson told reporters in New York that he found the Supreme Court’s ruling unusual, and he doesn’t agree with it.

Downing Street has confirmed there is no question of Mr Johnson standing down.

It’s understood Mr Johnson has since returned to the UK, and spoken to the Queen about the ruling.