Calls for federal government to stop sitting on Earle Haven review

There are calls for the federal government to release the findings of a completed review into the shocking collapse of Earle Haven.

Over 70 patients were forced out onto the street in July, after staff walked out over a contract dispute.

A scathing interim report from the Royal Commission was released last week, and the federal government’s review was reportedly completed on Thursday.


Though the findings are yet to be released to the public, and Labor Senator Murray Watt says that’s not good enough.

“There’s no doubt that residents at Earle Haven and their family members and staff, deserve answers about why the collapse of Earle Haven happened, and why it was allowed to happen.

“We know there were all sorts of warning signs about the trouble Earle Haven was in and yet, despite that, we didn’t see any action from the federal government regulators to step in and prevent the collapse at an earlier stage.

“Labor thinks its very important, especially with a lot of people interested in aged care right now, that the government does release this review, so that people can get some answers about what went wrong and why,” Senator Watt told myGC.

He’s concerned the government is delaying the release to try and skew the findings, and says that’s not fair to the public.

“The longer that this review stays with the government – the longer they have to come up with their spin to cover up their own failures here.

“We know that under Scott Morrison – when he was the treasurer – he cut $1.2 billion from the Aged Care Budget.

“There’s no doubt that that’s one of the reasons that we’ve seen so many problems in aged care on the Gold Coast and right around the country,” Senator Watt said.

Federal Labor are therefore calling for the government to not only release the review’s findings immediately, but also to get cracking on the recommendations from both the review and the Royal Commission’s Interim Report.

For the findings of last week’s interim report, click here.