Calls for ‘locals’ pass with restrictions at Qld/NSW border to stay in place

THERE are renewed calls for ‘locals only’ borders passes and checkpoints to be put in place after the Premier indicated the border restrictions for Greater Sydney will stay in place until at least the end of the month.

Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed on Thursday the border restrictions won’t be looked at until the end of the month as New South Wales continues to get on top of its outbreaks.

Tweed Councillor James Owen said a locals border pass and either a dedicated lane at checkpoints on the M1 and Gold Coast Highway or at Ducat or Griffith Street in Coolangatta will mean border residents won’t continue to be impacted on a daily basis.


“The implementation of this simple measure will greatly reduce the impact of the border closure on Tweed Shire residents going about their day-to-day lives as they transverse the border, for some multiple times
a day,” Councillor Owen said.

“Whilst I appreciate that Queensland borders are a matter for the Queensland State Government, I’m asking for a common sense and compassionate approach to border checkpoints for our border community.

“With most people returning to work this week or next, and a return to school and community sports in the coming weeks, now is the time to prioritise a solution to alleviate the issues currently being experienced and to ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of our community.

“I implore the Queensland Premier to implement these measures as a matter of urgency.”

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A bright solution for a local’s pass to allow faster movement at the border is warranted and well overdue! Especially for the workers both sides of the border. How can the workers function properly at work after sitting in blood pressure raising stop-traffic for 2 hours and then know they will have to sit in it again to go home… day after day. That woman should create a local’s pass for the Gold Coast businesses alone for a start, so Tweed residents can get across easier & quicker to spend their money on the GC. I’ve been dumbfounded she couldn’t forsee a solution for Tweed locals to continue to spend their money on the GC and support GC businesses in the first instance. Dividing the GC & Tweed Shire is a nonsense! We are a combined area where the phantom border has always been irrelevant.

That woman as you referred to her has kept Qld safe all through this pandemic. The problem is with the ‘woman’ governing Nsw. She feels it is more important to keep everything open as normal, so many d***heads from Sydney come up here and try their luck sneaking across the border. Sorry you live on the wrong side but I do feel safer the way things are, maybe you should move north. As anyone who moves up from Nsw knows it is much cheaper to live in Qld.