Calls for new destinations to be added to half-price flights scheme

The federal government is under pressure to consider extending the half-price flights program to other destinations.

Recent research commissioned by the Australian Airports Association shows that 70 per cent of people would travel if they had more choices.

There were over a dozen destinations unveiled earlier this year for Australians to take advantage of.


The Gold Coast was the big winner, with data released at the end of April showing that almost 200,000 of the 800,000 airfares were booked to come here. 

Also at the end of April, the federal government reported that 82 per cent of the available discounted airfares had been snapped up.

Australian Airports Association CEO James Goodwin told Nine radio it’s time to bring more destinations online.

“The half-price airfares have been a great success, but only if you’re on that list of destinations.

“Let’s extend that to some new destinations, to make sure we all benefit from this. There are some places that have been hard done by, particularly during Covid.

“But let’s make sure everyone benefits,” Mr Goodwin said.

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It would be good if they were half price, but greedy airlines taking advantage of tax payer funded flights are the only winners.
Most of these so called discounts are almost normal prices if you shop around.

Exactly! What half price flights? I have searched for the past month and have not found one discounted flight to numerous destinations.

Fake News ❌