Calls for overhaul of DV system as numbers on the Gold Coast soar

One of the Gold Coast’s leading criminal lawyers wants police to be given greater opportunity to investigate domestic violence cases rather than simply handing out domestic violence orders.

The Coast’s legal system is swamped by domestic violence matters and has prompted more calls for Family Court in the city.

Newscorp reports there have been 2395 breaches on the Gold Coast in the last year, 105 more than last year.


The Gold Coast is also the worst region in the state for DV orders in 2017-18.

Director of Gatenby Criminal Lawyers, Michael Gatenby, believes the high number is due to police handing out apprehension orders “whenever they’re called out”.

“The pendulum’s swung in favour of police officers taking out applications,” he told MyGC.

“There isn’t discretion for a police officer not to take out domestic violence orders. The old-fashioned police investigating seems to have gone out the window now if police are called out to a case.”

He added that the current method can be condescending to a lot of victims as they’re not being given a voice.

Currently, in Queensland, a domestic violence order can stop someone approaching your home or work, staying in your home, approaching your relatives or going to a child’s school.

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Yes and I know first hand.. Caught my wife of 15 years 3 kids 7/5/1 cheating and then within the last 8 weeks I had a ppo to leave my house not talk to anyone at my house not go near schools basically get out then 4 days later couldn’t prove in court the picture of a hole in a wall wasn’t from me pushing her which it wasn’t it was kids and skateboards inside.. so received a 5 year DVO no recause so living out of my car . Started seeing a lawyer but it’s either pay him to fight or put a deposit down on a rental house.. she cleared bank accounts/ took me of Bupa health care . Then she has now got emergency payments from Centrelink and several banks … no the kicker a school friends brother who as far as I was told was gay and they just caught up here and there has moved in and sleeping in my bed with my kids…. so basically I’ve been blindsided and have no recause .. now I hit rock bottom and mentioned that I’m exhausted and had enough time to end . And so now I’m an endanger to my kids… No wonder dads explode 8 weeks is all it’s taken… and the help for dads is near non existent… all about the ladies…

I feel for you, in the effort to try and protect, there is always a small group of people willing to use those protections to hurt others.
Although there is always 2 sides to any story, I’ll just assume what you say is true.
Just try to hold it together, give it time. find support from somewhere – there is some (not much) out there.

Hopefully everyone can at least admit that sometimes men also get mistreated.

While (as a man) I can certainly also see that in the majority of cases, women are the victims – and in some cases in very scary, life threatening situations (that result in serious injury and also death).

Be strong. There are horrible people out there. Do your best, and I hope in the end the truth comes out.

Has a contact person been nominated, I would be interested in applying for a position on the review panel.