Calls for Prime Minister to apologise to former Aus Post boss

Calls are ramping up for the Prime Minister to apologise to the former boss of Australia Post over bullying claims.

Christine Holgate fronted a Senate hearing yesterday where she accused the Prime Minister of humiliating her and the Australia Post Chairman of bullying her out of her job over a luxury watches scandal.

“I lost my job, a job that I loved, because I was humiliated by our prime minister for committing no offence and then bullied by my chairman,” she told the hearing.


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Ms Holgate appeared on The Today Show in the aftermath this morning, saying that she still has not heard from the Australia Post Chairman Lucio Di Bartolomeo or the Prime Minister.

“I am sure, though, you’ve had a grovelling apology from the chairman,” Today Show Host Karl Stefanovic asked. 

“I wish I had. He still has not apologised,” Ms Holgate replied. 

“You are joking,” Karl responded. 

He has not apologised. You know, I am not joking, Karl. And, you know – I’m sorry, forgive me, you know, yesterday I had to hear him say I was treated abysmally but I deserve no apology. Just answer that,” said Ms Holgate. 

“I feel for you. I feel genuinely for you in that regard. I think this guy’s got to step down. The way that he’s handled this whole thing,” Karl said. 

“I know that will probably not mean the world to you but it’s something and I think the Prime Minister needs to apologise, it’s the least he can do to you. You’ve been through a lot. We can feel your pain. And I think Australia can feel your pain,” he said.

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Who cares!
A fat cat got caught out doing the wrong thing and acknowledged the fact.
Now wants an apology from all and sundry.
How about she provides an apology to the tax payers for ripping them off!