Calls for pristine Gold Coast spots to be protected

There are fresh calls for more thought to be put into the future of two pristine Gold Coast locations.

Save our Broadwater wants the State Government to develop a Management Plan for the Broadwater and the Spit.

Chairman Alan Rickard it should consider the foreshore and Wavebreak Island as well.


He said any plan should be “enduring and it will have the support of the local Council and of the State Government and of a lot of community groups, development groups”.

Mr Rickard said we only have to look at what has happened to Central Park in New York “they’ve planned it and it’s an integral part of its city and we see the Spit, the Broadwater and its foreshores being part of our vision of the future of the Gold Coast”.

“We’re going to have a population of 700,000 going up to 1 million people we need to have these places that are a balance to the intense lifestyle and we see these areas giving that balance”.

Mr Rickard added that developing a Masterplan is even more important now with Sunland finalising plans to build twin towers at the Spit.

When told that some Councillors had been quoted as saying they may go against current height restrictions and vote for certain developments.

Mr Rickard suggested that “maybe they have not read their own officers requests for information from Sunland where it points out that really there’s a lot of sizzle in what they’re putting up but when you look at the bottom line it’s really no different to a lot of other developments in the city”.

He finished by saying that if you look at the LAP (Local Area Plan) for the Spit, it allows development in the area that Sunland is proposing, but with a height limit of three storeys.

Mr Rickard did agree that there was a need for things to progress but “putting 44 storey buildings in the middle of some of our most sensitive areas, and let’s not forget it is public land, Sunland don’t own the land they are lessees, they only have it until 2067 when it has the opportunity to revert back to the Government and to the public”.

“That is Government land it is not private freehold land owned by Sunland”.

Save our Broadwater is currently putting together a petition and has written to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk requesting an urgent meeting.
They are also working with groups like Sustainable Development Gold Coast to try to get good grassroots support for the concept “so that when we get together with the Premier she realises that the number of people on the Gold Coast really want to have something enduring, something that’s visionary”.

He said we do not want “all of our foreshores covered with high rise buildings, we need to have a contrast, a bit of a balance so that those living in the high rise buildings can get out and experience something as an alternative”.