Calls for Qantas CEO to resign over further job cuts

The Transport Workers’ Union is now calling for the Qantas CEO to resign, as the airline announces the sacking of hundreds more workers.

Another 2,400 employees across ground, baggage and cleaning jobs will sadly be let go and outsourced instead, in attempts to save around $100 million in operating costs each year.

But that comes on top of the 6,000 jobs already announced just two weeks ago.


TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine says the airline was given half a billion dollars in subsidies to ensure these cuts didn’t happen, and is now calling for the resignation of CEO Alan Joyce.

“If Alan Joyce’s only plan is two wield the axe on thousands of loyal staff, he should resign. This is not shrewd management, it is economic violence.

“Qantas has taken millions in Jobkeeper wage subsidies, more than any other company, with the express intent of keeping people employed.

“But now Alan Joyce wants to destroy thousands more livelihoods. This is callous abuse of public money. The chief executive must resign,” Kaine said.

“We are calling on the Prime Minister to intervene and call Qantas to account over its misuse of taxpayers’ money.

“There is no dividend for the public if a company like Qantas can sack thousands of workers after receiving such financial support.

“The Prime Minister has failed to date to implement a national plan on aviation. He must act now to urgently save jobs and ensure a return for the public,” he added.

“This mass sacking will destroy standards built up over decades. It will introduce a rip off Ryanair model where neither workers nor passengers are protected.

“There are Qantas workers who have worked for several decades at the company and now face losing their jobs. This announcement is utterly devastating,” Kaine said.

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