Calls for Queensland to release regional quarantine plan

Pressure is growing on the Queensland Premier to publicly release the proposal for her regional quarantine facility in Toowoomba.

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s been hounding the federal government to consider the proposal, insisting they’ve been given a detailed plan.

The Prime Minister has said that there’s not enough information about the facility for him to greenlight it just yet.


Earlier this week, Scott Morrison approved a similar facility in Victoria, labelling it ‘chalk and cheese’ when compared to what Queensland had put forward.

The Queensland Premier then accused Mr Morrison of ‘cherry picking’ ideas, saying there was no need for them to send more information.

Now, Newscorp reports that it’s seen the Premier’s proposal, claiming it’s just 15 pages long and nine of those pages are filled with pictures.

In comparison, Victoria’s presented a 70-page proposal for its facility which is fully costed.

Both the Prime Minister and the Queensland Premier are expected to be questioned on the issue again today.

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Just another Smoke and Mirrors ploy from this shady government.
Keep blaming the federal government for all things wrong in QLD.
Setting themselves up for a fail at the next election and require the unions
to be on their side with more jobs for the boys type attitudes.

100% correct

don’t hold your breath as its bound to be all smoke and mirrors as a way to get even more federal money.If they cant even roll out a simple vaccine then I dont have much confidence in them coping with hundreds of people arriving on flights from different countries, especially as they haven’t coped with a few of the arrivals interstate which resulted in panic lockdowns