Calls for rethink on key M1 interchange upgrade after flood of complaints

The State Government is being urged to reconsider its plans to upgrade Exit 57 at Oxenford, with fears the overhaul will actually make things worse.

The design for the $25 million dollar upgrade was first released in March, but it’s lead to hundreds of complaints.

The upgrade would see extra turning lanes added to the exit and entry ramps to the M1.


But the right hand turn lanes from Heathwood Drive and the Old Pacific Highway would be removed.

Theodore MP Mark Boothman says that would just increase congestion in the area and hurt businesses.

“What the Department is proposing is just going to move the problem onto the local road network, the local road network is at capacity and can’t handle it already,” Mr Boothman said.

“These right hand turn lanes are critical to local businesses, especially along the Old Pacific Highway.

“Speaking to the local mechanic and he said ‘the problem is if you’re going to have people seeing congestion out the front of their offices, they’re going to avoid the area.'”

Exit 57 design. Source: Supplied/Queensland Government

Transport and Roads Minister Mark Bailey says a consultation process is currently underway and all ideas will be taken on board.

“We always judge public feedback on their merits, it’s very hard to please 100 per cent of the people with any design on any project but we do take into account good ideas,” Mr Bailey said.

It comes as the Opposition accuses the State Government of not being fair dinkum about building a second M1.

A proposed corridor for the Coomera Connector has been unveiled, but one Labor MP insists it’s only a proposal.

Bonney MP Sam O’Connor says there needs to be some serious funding set aside in next month’s budget for a second M1.

“We’ve got the corridor mapped out, it’s been mapped out for over four years by the Government but they haven’t put any money on the table,” Mr O’Connor said.

“It hasn’t been built, it hasn’t even been planned and that’s something our residents are calling out for.”