Calls for troops to return to Qld border operations

The Queensland Police Union is calling for army troops to return to border operations, ahead of a key reopening date.

New South Wales is set to reopen its southern border to Victoria on November 23, which has sparked fears Victorians could be able to sneak into Queensland via road.

Queensland Police have already seen an influx in visitors this week, since Queensland reopened its border to regional New South Wales.


But the Union is claiming police are already stretched too thin, and having more Victorians in New South Wales is not going to help.

“If the borders re-open, it would be ideal for the ADF to again provide their assistance,” Union President Ian Leavers told Newscorp.

“While we as police will always go above and beyond and do what we need to do to keep Queenslanders safe, the more assistance we can receive from agencies such as the ADF will ensure we are able to process people who wish to come to Queensland faster.”

Meantime, the Queensland Premier says our current restrictions, which ban Sydney and Victoria from Queensland, will be staying in place until the end of the month.

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Public are calling for police to get back to do what they signed up for .Amount of idiots on the road is a real problem.

Hardly a problem in Victoria any more. They’ve had 6 days straight of no cases.

Well … another 8 days, and that’ll be the standard two-weeks.

Queensland had no new cases three months ago, until some dweebs lied at the border for criminal/personal reasons; the subsequent outbreak triggered wide-area shutdowns that are still being felt. Health authorities are still finding evidence of the virus in local sewage in Qld.

My 83 yo mother has lived in isolation for 6-months; family in nursing homes are still alive, with terrible strains on loved ones. You speak for yourself … I want to make those sacrifices count.

“Hardly a problem” is hardly a good reason.

A better idea would be to open the border and remove the checkpoints completely.
We are supposed to be living with the virus not hiding behind weak walls.

I must have missed that bulletin. When were we *supposed* to start “living with the virus”? Did “Herd Immunity” get the global seal of approval? (i.e.other than Sweden and Trumpland)