Calls to boost Gold Coast’s filming capacity

The Gold Coast could soon be in for a second movie studio if a new push gains any momentum.

Mayor Tom Tate is reportedly behind the idea and wants to build the largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere here, even bigger than the one already stationed at Oxenford.

Newscorp reports that Mr Tate wants all three levels of government to pitch in for the estimated $20 million cost.


It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the money the film industry has been able to inject into the Gold Coast over the last year alone.

However, there are concerns that if we don’t capitalise on the interest now, the Gold Coast risks losing major blockbusters to other cities like Sydney.

The Mayor is reportedly banking on some funding for the project as part of the 2032 Olympics infrastructure rollout.

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Village Roadshow should have sold to Disney, they’ve already lost the films to Fox Studios in Sydney

Don’t get too excited Tom they are only filming here because it is safer here than the USA during the Carona pandemic , they will all race back to the US as quick as possible when it is safe over there

I don’t think anyone believes the figures these productions bring to the Coast anymore, firstly they are only here because of millions of dollars in State and Federal Grants. They import the majority of their crews and talent so it is far more likely we are losing money here.
If there was such a demand with money to be made-why is the private local production sector not investing in building the infrastructure….?