Calls to increase the cost of milk to help drought-affected farmers

Support is growing to increase the price of milk sold at supermarkets to help drought-affected farmers.

Almost 10,000 people have now signed a petition backing calls for a 10 cents per litre levy to be added to the cost of milk as dairy farmers struggle with one of the worst droughts on record.

Queensland Farmers’ Federation President Brian Tessman says ‘dollar-a-litre milk’ is making the dry spell increasingly hard to manage.


“Milk because of the dollar-a-litre situation, that’s just locked in,” Mr Tessman said.

“So while farmers are paying twice as much for the grain, well over twice as much for hay and silage if they can get it, their price just doesn’t move.”

Mr Tessman says farmers are really copping it at the moment.

“If people want to keep local milk, local farmers in each of their regions around the country, we need to move the price up,” Mr Tessman said.

But Coles and Woolworths are yet to jump on board the plan.

“The supermarkets say they listen to their customers, their consumers, well if their consumers are telling them we want local farmers and local milk to survive there’s really no excuse for them not to listen,” Mr Tessman said.