Calls to make Qld drivers sit road rule refresher

RACQ research has revealed more than half of drivers supported sitting a mandatory road rule refresher test before they renewed their licence.

Fifty-three percent of people surveyed believed re-sitting a theory test would be beneficial, and the majority of those in favour said it should be based on time behind the wheel, rather than age.

RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the results of the research were surprising.


“It’s vital drivers keep up to date with the road rules, and we’re impressed that so many Queenslanders see the value in this,” Mr Spalding said.

“The survey reveals motorists believe a refresher test every five years when renewing their licence is one way to keep them educated.

“RACQ is not in favour of motorists re-sitting a practical driving test, however completing a theory test can be as simple as an electronic questionnaire.

“For your own safety and the safety of other road users there’s no excuse for not knowing and following the rules.”

Mr Spalding said RACQ would submit the research to the State Government’s Road Safety Action Plan.

“It’s important to continually re-evaluate the way we approach licencing to ensure the safest possible outcome for all road users.”