Giraffe gives birth to healthy calf at Australia Zoo

AUSTRALIA Zoo has welcomed a new addition to the family following the birth of a gorgeous giraffe.

The female calf was born to mum, Rosie, at the Zoo on the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s the third time Rosie has given birth in the nine years she has been at the Zoo.


The calf will spend time bonding with her confident mum before meeting the African Savannah herd.

Head of African animals, Manu Ludden said both mum and bub were doing well.

Baby Giraffe Australia Zoo

PHOTO: Supplied by Australia Zoo

“As expected, Rosie gave birth to a very healthy female calf who shortly afterwards started walking and feeding from mum which is exactly what we want to see,” Ms Ludden said.

“Rosie is a beautiful mum and this is her third calf she’s had here at Australia Zoo, so she’s relaxed and knows exactly what to do!

“In the coming weeks, we would expect to slowly introduce them into the rest of the herd on the African Savannah where guests will also be able to see them.”

PHOTO: Supplied by Australia Zoo

Bindi Irwin said she was thrilled to have another adorable giraffe addition to the Australia Zoo family.

“She is too cute for words! Mother Rosie is doing a great job with her new baby,” Bindi said. “Both little one and Mum are happy and healthy.”

“We are excited to share this fantastic news with everyone. This gorgeous girl is certainly going to melt a lot of hearts with her big brown eyes!”

This birth is significant to giraffe populations, with the species is considered vulnerable in the wild.

Baby Giraffe Australia Zoo

PHOTO: Supplied by Australia Zoo