Cameron Diaz swears by this 5 minute workout

Cameron Diaz has revealed she doesn’t slave away for hours in the gym to maintain her toned figure. Instead the Charlie’s Angels star prefers to keep her workouts short and sweet

Chatting to the Oprah Winfrey Network, the 43-year old said she loves doing a 5 minute cardio workout. “Some people can get on the cardio machine for two hours at the same pace. It’s the same sweat, just like a nice little glisten. What you want to do when you do cardio is you want to be a fire hydrant in New York City that just got busted open, and you’re pouring out after and everybody gets wet,” she said.

“That kind of cardio only takes five minutes which I love because I just get on my elliptical and I do intervals.”


Diaz revealed she sprints for 1 minute, then rests for 1 minute to bring her heart rate back to normal. She repeats this five times.

“After you are bursting with sweat, you’re building your heart, you’re burning more fat than if you stayed on it for an hour because you’re making your body use this energy super quickly and you’re engaging all your muscles,” she said.