Campaigning wraps up as polls hint Democrats will win US election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are holding their final rallies today, on the eve of the US Presidential election.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is still the favourite to win, according to a number of final opinion polls.

There are a number of crucial ‘swing states’ that will need to be won back from the Republican party if the Democrats are to get back in.


Polls show Biden is just slightly ahead in the largest swing state of Florida, while Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin will also become key states to win if Trump retains Florida.

Donald Trump has been quick to slash the hopes of those invested in poll results, reminding the United States that this is exactly how it went down four years ago, when he took vital blue states off Hilary Clinton to win the election.

“I had nine states, and I had to win them all,” Trump said.

“And they said I was going to lose all nine – this was four years ago – I was going to lose all nine and it was going to be a very short evening for Donald Trump.

“And I won all nine, I won them all,” he said.

Joe Biden will wrap up his campaigning in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with his running mate Kamala Harris also in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump is in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.