Canberra refuses to budge on funding offer for Qld’s M1 upgrades

Queensland’s Main Roads Minister has accused the Federal Government of ignoring the state’s appeal for a fair share of funding to upgrade the Pacific Motorway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Mark Bailey led a delegation including Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, the RACQ and CCIQ to Sydney, where they met the Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher.

Mr Bailey said he was disappointed Mr Fletcher wouldn’t commit to an 80:20 funding split, sticking with the 50:50 offer.


“Minister Fletcher could not explain why Queensland was getting short-changed when the same road just across the border in New South Wales gets an 80:20 funding split,” Mr Bailey said.

“The M1 is a highway of national significance and is the highest trafficked road in Queensland with more than 147,000 vehicles battling congestion on it each day.

“The M1 is part of the Federal Government’s National Land Transport Network which attracts an 80:20 federal/state funding split as explicitly outlined less than two years ago by Deputy Prime Minister Truss but Minister Fletcher refused to accept this fact.”

Minister Bailey said this was not the end of Queensland’s fight for our fair share.

“Our resolve has only just begun, we’re more determined than ever to make sure the Federal Government gives Queensland what we deserve.

“I’m also appealing to anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic on the M1 to take this up with their Federal LNP MPs urging the Federal Government to give Queensland the appropriate 80:20 split.

“This is the same funding deal that the same road gets just across the border in New South Wales.

“What we did agree on was an interim way forward – to undertake processes to reduce the cost of the projects and to reconvene with the Taskforce when the revised costings are known.”