Cannon fodder

I don’t want to frighten anyone but there is something you should know.

Premier Campbell Newman has left the country again so Deputy Premier Jeff ‘short for Joffrey’ Seeney has taken charge.

Calm down.


If we keep our heads down and don’t make any noise he might not notice us.

Sir Campbell has joined Tony Abbott for a quick 11-day pilgrimage around Asia.

It all started well enough with Lord Abbott in Japan making positive trade agreement deals.

There was some mutterings from the large travelling media contingent about how Lord Abbott was holding press conferences but refusing to answer questions.

Not long after that, their RAAF plane developed a ‘problem’ and was unable to continue on to Korea.

That will teach them.

Despite my kind suggestions, they decided not to include North Korea in the itinerary.


It is a good time for Sir Campbell to be away as yet another opinion poll released this morning (WEDNESDAY, 9th April) has the Newman Government continuing its spectacular plunge in popularity.

They are going to need an awful lot of dragons to save them now.

A few weeks ago the polls were suggesting the LNP could lose up to 30 seats, including Sir Campbell’s Ashgrove realm.

Now they are saying angry voters could aim their cannons at more than 30 seats, which would also batter a crater into the conservatives’ Gold Coast fortress.

With so many seats at risk, watch out for a treasonous uprising.

(Yes, I may have just watched Game of Thrones.)

This is Sir Campbell’s sixth overseas trip in two years and second in six weeks, prompting some unkind souls to suggest he is making the most of it before he loses his seat at the upcoming election.

If this does come to pass and the LNP manage to hang on to power, do you know who will be next in line to the throne?


Oops, sorry, I mean, Jeffrey Seeney!

Footnote: There has been no word yet on how much Sir Campbell is charging the Koreans and Chinese to meet with him.

But the Meddler is willing to accept a $4500 ‘donation’ per meeting, a bargain at $500 less than Sir Campbell’s going rate.



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