Can’t budge the bulge? This could be the way to solve your weight loss woes!

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Spring has sprung, and for many of us that means it’s time to start thinking about ways to get that summer bikini body back.

Often winter can leave us a little rounder than we like, but once the jackets come off and hems start to rise, it’s time to kick our booties into shape.


For many of us, simply changing up our diet by cutting out excess sugar, alcohol and limiting our intake of carbohydrates will do the trick.

Others like to the hit the gym and sweat out the excess fat through weights, spin classes or bending their bodies in yoga.

However, there are many out there where no matter what, the weight just won’t shift.

DSC_0033-2According to the Gold Coast weight loss surgeon Dr Jason Free, surgical solutions are often the best way to combat the bulge for those who have struggled with their weight all their life.

Dr Free says his Surgery Gold Coast clinic aims to provide local patients with a holistic approach to the management of weight loss.

“I perform many types of weight loss operations, the most common being the gastric bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy and Gastric Banding,” Dr Free told myGC.

“These are all performed laparoscopically and patients usually only require a one to two night stay in hospital.”

Dr Free, who is a member of the Obesity Surgical Society of Australia & New Zealand, says some of the procedures suit some patients, but are inappropriate for others, so it’s best to organise an appointment to discuss all of the options.

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