Capper caught up in debt collector case

THE life of high-profile Gold Coaster Warwick Capper continues to raise eyebrows.

It’s been revealed, a debt collector who uses Mick Gatto’s name to intimidate people has been convicted after threatening the wife of Capper’s agent.

The Herald Sun reports, Gatto Corporate Solutions boss Anthony Swords has been ordered to undergo anger management counselling and do 150 hours of community service.


He told the Herald Sun: “Mick allows me to use his name. I seek advice from him.”

Swords was found guilty of criminal damage after confronting Jackie Dimauro about money her husband Fred allegedly owed to the former AFL great Capper and others.

Ms Dimauro claims some of the disputed money related to the sale of a sex tape starring Capper.

She said her husband used to be Capper’s manager and him and Capper came up with the idea of making money through Capper filming an explicit sex tape with his girlfriend.

Mr Dimauro recently confirmed he was involved in helping Capper make the tape, but denied he owed Capper any money over the X-rated deal.

Capper has told the Herald Sun he made the porn movie in 2007 because he was a sex symbol and “I think I am Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton”.