Car filmed evading police bike on the Gold Coast

AN OFFICER’S helmet cam has captured the moment a daring motorist evaded a police motorbike and narrowly avoided a collision on the Gold Coast.

The footage, posted online last Tuesday, shows a what appears to be a white Mitsubishi entering the Pacific Motorway using the Smith Street on-ramp, heading north.

The driver illegally crosses over the painted island and accelerates to well over the 110km/h limit.


A motorbike police officer already on the highway notices the motorist’s actions from behind and gives chase.

The offending vehicle – travelling at estimated speeds of around 190-200km/h – then dangerously overtakes a car in the far right lane using the shoulder, narrowly avoiding what could have been a serious accident.

Although not seen in this video, the offending vehicle is then alleged to have overtaken a further two cars using the shoulder.

The officer is forced to withdraw from the pursuit.