Search for apparent driver in Upper Coomera crash called off

UPDATE: THE search for a male driver thought to have run from the scene of a crash in Upper Coomera, leaving behind an unconscious passenger, has been called off.

A sole witness reported the accident to police around 8.30pm, claiming that a man fled the scene, leaving the woman behind.

It’s understood that the woman was able to remove herself from the wrecked car before she lost consciousness.


After regaining consciousness, the woman reportedly told police that she had in fact been driving.

The search for the alleged driver has since been cancelled.

EARLIER: POLICE are on scene of a single vehicle traffic accident in Upper Coomera, where the driver has reportedly run off and left his unconscious passenger.

The vehicle slammed into a light pole along Reserve Road, outside Saint Stephens College, around 8.30pm on Friday.

The male driver reportedly ran from the scene, allegedly leaving his female passenger behind, unconscious.

She has since regained consciousness and is now in the company of authorities, awaiting to be assessed by paramedics.

Police have swooped on the area to try and track down the driver, described as being of African appearance and aged in his mid 30s.

The dog squad are on their way to assist in the search.