Caramilk’s back on supermarket shelves and the world is right again

Guess who’s making dreams come true by returning to Australia’s supermarket shelves and our hearts? Caramilk, that’s who.

And yes, they’re a ‘who’, not a ‘what’… because only a living thing can right the world’s wrongs the way that Caramilk does. They’re our friend, and they’ve been missing.

After a limited season last year, the frenzy over the Cadbury favourite saw the block sell for around ten times the price on Ebay once supermarkets stopped stocking it.


There was also – at one point – a petition to bring it back. 19,000 people signed it. Not a joke.

So it is with tears in our eyes that we can confirm it’s definitely on the shelves at Woolies, because one of our 1029 Hot Tomato chocolate spies spotted it there TODAY.

PHOTO | Supplied

However, after EXTENSIVE research into the choco-chart-toppers’ return to Coles (ie. looking up Coles Online) we’re unable to confirm whether or not it’s back there yet.

In the second piece of great news though – it’s already on special at Woolies, for $2.40 a block. That’s half-price people! (This is not an endorsed sell by the way, because we’d really rather consumers didn’t snatch them before our shift is up and we can get there).