Caravan crash causes chaos, closes part of M1

UPDATE: A SMASHED-UP caravan which came to grief on the M1 this afternoon has finally been towed away.

Northbound lanes were closed to all traffic while the wreckage was cleared after the van jack-knifed at Reedy Creek around 3pm.

Motorists were diverted through a truck stop alongside the motorway while emergency services responded. 


It’s understood the motorway has now been re-opened and traffic is SLOWLY beginning to move through the area.

Drivers are advised to show patience as it may take some time for delays to clear.

There are unconfirmed reports speed may have played a factor in the crash.

PICTURE: Cat Kennedy

EARLIER: A JEEP towing a caravan on the M1 has jack-knifed, creating mayhem for both north and southbound travellers. 

The crash has caused chaos for the afternoon commute after the black Jeep and its caravan came to grief around 3pm.

At this stage, there is no word on any injuries, but both southbound and northbound traffic has been thrown into complete disarray.

There are reports northbound lanes have been temporarily closed, with motorists caught up in the nightmare reportedly being diverted off the motorway.

Southbound traffic is also experiencing delays. Motorists have been advised it would be best to avoid the area entirely if possible.

There’s no further information available at this time.