Carbon Tax refund for local ratepayers

SOME good news for Gold Coast ratepayers, with the City of Gold Coast offering a one-off refund on rates notices in January.

The $4.5 million windfall for all 239,000 ratepayers follows the Mayor’s public campaign against the Carbon Tax which he refused to pay in its first year.

The Mayor thanked councillors for supporting today’s decision to make a full and fair refund which would also be extended to commercial customers of Gold Coast tips.


“The Carbon Tax was complicated, costly and has been a headache for local families and local businesses since day one,” said Cr Tate.

“It was never fair because it targeted basic necessities like street lighting, water treatment and disposing of waste.”

“I want to give full credit to the government for listening to the people and providing cost of living relief at a time when it’s absolutely needed.”

The Mayor will thank local MPs today for their strong advocacy on the issue.