Carer allegedly locked 3yo child in car overnight while she attended club

A woman will front court in Sydney today, accused of locking a three year old child in the car overnight.

Officers were called to attend a car near the Bankstown Sports Club around 1.00am this morning, following reports a child was locked in a vehicle.

Police arrived to find a distressed three year old girl locked in an unregistered Ford SUV.


The female carer was found inside the sports club, and the child was released from the vehicle.

She luckily did not sustain any injuries.

The 32-year-old woman from Canberra was immediately arrested and taken to the Bankstown Police Station.

She’s since been charged with leaving a child in a motor vehicle causing emotional distress, as well as the unregistered and uninsured use of a motor vehicle.

Police say an outstanding 2015 warrant for a domestic related wounding offence was also executed.

The matter has been reported to Family & Community Services.

Police are urging parents and careers not to leave their children alone in the car, due to the risk of them being abducted.