Carers sacked after hidden camera set up by daughters captures horrifying abuse

TWO care home employees have been sacked after their horrifying abuse towards a mentally impaired woman was captured on camera.

Adam Hunt was fired along with colleague Rachel Pritchard when the pair were busted abusing a 68-year-old woman who suffers from Korsakoff syndrome, a brain disorder with dementia-like symptoms.

Rachael and Amy, the daughters of 68-year-old Bridget McDonald, set the hidden camera up when they noticed their mothers behaviour had changed.


After just days, the camera captured the shocking abuse their mother was subjected to at the care home located in Birmingham, England.

In one clip of the footage Hunt, 25, yells a Bridget: “Next time I call you, don’t f****** ignore me.”

“Make the bed.”

Pritchard is also heard to say “tramp” and yell “Can you pick the banana skin up please?”

The daughters were horrified at the footage and said it was heartbreaking to see their mother treated in such an appalling way.

Adam Hunt was cautioned by police for common assault.