Caring young woman’s selfless act towards 91yo woman goes viral

A caring young woman is receiving worldwide praise after her heartwarming encounter with a lonely, elderly lady went viral online.

“This is my new mate Edna. I met her at the bus stop after work,” the young woman wrote on Facebook alongside an adorable selfie of the pair.

“We started talking and she told me how she was just going into town for something to do because she was lonely in the house by herself after her husband of 55 years had passed away.


“It broke my heart thinking of this cute little old lady all alone with no one to talk to so I asked for her number so I could come visit her for a cup of tea ☕️

“She’s 91 and just took her first selfie!”

The heart-warming post has received more than 169 shares an abundance of comments praising the young woman for her kind heart.

“That’s so lovely. . Shame more people aren’t like you” one user commented.

“You’re beautiful inside and out, what a sweet thing to do the World need more of this!” wrote another.