Carrie Bickmore and Steve Price have a spat over breastfeeding in public

CARRIE Bickmore called out Steve Price over his comments on breastfeeding in public on The Project last night.

Earlier this week, Steve posted a tweet disapproving of a woman he’d seen breastfeeding her child as she walked through the Qantas domestic terminal.


As a Mother-of-two, Carrie was less than impressed, telling Price: “we feed where we want to, not where you want us to”.

Steve, a regular on the Channel Ten show, attempted to explain the tweet saying: “I think walking through a crowded airport is an unusual place to breastfeed a child”.

“If my wife and I got off a plane – and we have two daughters, she breastfed both of them – and Wendy said to me ‘I think I might breastfeed Lucy while we walk to the car,’ I would say ‘are you insane? Sit down and do it properly.’

“In fact three weeks ago in a production meeting at The Project you were breastfeeding your gorgeous little baby daughter so if I had a problem I might have said something,” Steve said.
Bickmore countered: “Absolutely but you used the words discreet public breastfeeding okay, which means you clearly think it should be done privately in a room away from you.”

The social media reaction to the Bickmore-Price spat is divided, with some thanking Carrie for sticking up for mum and others backing Steve by saying people are being overly sensitive.