Carrie Bickmore shocks ‘The Project’ viewers with new look

Viewers of ‘The Project’ were forced to do a double-take last night, with popular TV host Carrie Bickmore unveiling a bold new look.

Over the weekend, the former blonde-bomshell transformed her locks into a luscious dark brown after a lifetime of the same hair do.

“I’ve had the same colour hair for 35 years and I was bored and thought, Why not?” she told her co-hosts and viewers of the show on Monday night.


“I’m giving it a whirl!”

“My son’s not dealing with it well, quite yet,” she said.

“He looks at me and goes… When’s old Mummy coming back?”

It appears fans are loving the new look, with thousands of people taking to social media to compliment the popular TV host.

“Turning on the tv and seeing the change was the highlight to my day.”

“Who’s this brunette babe on tonight? Love the change

“Um@bickmorecarrie you ALWAYS look absolutely GORGEOUS but the new hair is just INCREDIBLE, stunning STUNNING woman both inside and out you are!”