Cars crushed, power cut after drilling rig comes crashing down in Brisbane

A MAN has escaped serious injury after the 100-tonne drilling rig he was operating toppled over in Brisbane.

The pylon-drilling rig came crashing down at a construction site on Ross St at Newstead shortly after midday.

The machine took out a set of power lines and flattened a fence before landing on two cars parked on Ross Street.


Fortunately, no bystanders were injured although the rig did come close to striking a number of pedestrians.

Paramedics assessed the machine operator at the scene however he did not have any obvious injuries.

Motorists are being urged to steer clear of the area, with the downed machine blocking the road.

Almost 500 homes and businesses were left without power after the incident.

Thankfully, no one was inside either parked car at the time it was crushed.

Ross Street remains closed while crews work to upright the machine.