Cases increase by 50 pc in Qld, after ‘pleasing’ first day of new vaccine mandate

Covid-19 continues to spread into Queensland with the daily case number doubling overnight.

31 new local cases were reported in this morning’s update, 50 percent more than yesterday’s report.

Authorities aren’t going into specific details about each other the cases, but say they’ve been recorded in different parts throughout the state, including here on the Gold Coast.


There are also some infections in the health care sector.

However, Chief Health Officer John Gerrard says no one is seriously ill from the virus and they expect more cases to come.

“As expected the number of cases we are seeing in Queensland continues to increase.

“31 cases in the last 24 hours which is effectively a 50 percent increase from yesterday.

“Although these numbers seem small, percentage wise they are increasing steadily.

“And in addition, we know that there are cases that we will not be diagnosing that are in the community.

“This is what we expected, we expected that in the coming weeks we are going to see very large numbers of Covid-19 in the community.

“What I can say about the cases we have in hospital at present – none are seriously unwell.

Eight of the new cases are contacts of known cases, five acquired the infection from interstate before travelling into Queensland and at least 15 cases are still under investigation.

Authorities won’t go into much more detail but are urging Queenslanders and visitors to go onto the Queensland Health website to check exposure sites regularly.

Testing is still underway to determine which strain the new cases are, but the number of Omicron cases is now at 12, up from just five yesterday.

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard expects Omicron to be the dominant strain in Queensland within a matter of weeks, if not days.

The new infections come just 24 hours after Queensland’s strict new vaccine mandate was brought in for hospitality and entertainment businesses.

Police have spent the day conducting compliance checks and responding to calls for her.

Yesterday, police responded to 22 calls for service for matters regarding individuals, and 36 complaints about businesses.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll says they were overall pleased with how people are adjusting to the new rules.

“It has been disappointing to hear that there have been a couple of instances where people have abused staff and that was at a business in Strathpine.

“But also a person, quite belligerent, trying to get into one of the hospital’s ICU units – he was not the patient.

“So we will continue our high activity in this space, more compliance, more controls and work with more businesses into the future.

“Please be patient, please be kind, businesses are abiding by the law, I ask patrons to also abide by the law.

“But from my perspective and a policing perspective, it’s been an incredibly pleasing result in the last 24 hours,” Commissioner Carroll said in Saturday’s Covid-19 update.

There were also another 30,000 border applications received overnight, meaning there’s been over 136,000 since the borders reopened on Monday.