Cassandra Sainsbury sentenced to six years behind bars in Colombia

South Australian woman Cassie Sainsbury has been sentenced to six years behind bars in a Colombian prison after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine.

The 22-year-old faced a Bogota court overnight, where the judge accepted a plea deal. Initially, Ms Sainsbury was facing the possibility of spending 21 years in prison.

Cassie’s lawyer Orlando Herran told media that she could be out within three years, depending on good behaviour and time already served.


“To obtain the freedom for Cassandra will be about three years,” Mr Herran said.

As part of the sentencing, Sainsbury has also been ordered to pay a fine of almost $US100,000 ($130,350).

Sainsbury was arrested at El Dorado International Airport on April 12 2017, after a search of her luggage uncovered 5.8kg of cocaine hidden inside 18 headphone cases.

She was on her way back to Australia via London.