Cassie Sainsbury’s sentencing hearing adjourned

UPDATE: A Colombian Judge has suspended Cassie Sainsbury’s hearing to investigate the “legality of her plea deal”.

It comes after the 22-year-old claimed in a Bogota Court that she was threatened into trafficking the drugs.

“I have found a very complex development with this plea bargain,” the judge said before suspending the hearing.


Sainsbury’s sentence hearing has now been adjourned to August 9.


EARLIER: Accused Australian drug-smuggler Cassie Sainsbury will spend 6 years behind bars after reaching a plea deal with Colombian prosecutors.

According to local media, the 22-year-old reportedly accepted responsibility for drug trafficking after she was arrested at Bogota’s El Dorada International Airport in April with 5.8 kilograms of cocaine in her suitcase.

The young Adelaide woman was facing at least 20 years in prison, however agreed to a six year jail sentence put forward by the prosecution.

In return, she will have to reveal the identities of others involved in the cocaine ring and pay 450 months of wages as a fine.

Cassie’s mother and fiance were present for her appearance in Bogota’s Criminal Court.